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Vinhedo Club


3 Wines

Receive up to three carefully selected wines per month at home, chosen by our expert to suit your taste and preferences.


Shipping Costs

When you join our club, you'll receive free shipping for your monthly wine deliveries, making it convenient for you to receive the wines at your doorstep.



Fixed 7% discount on all other purchases and priority access to wine tastings organized monthly by Vinhedo.

Subscription Plans



per month

  • 2 wines
  • Offer of shipping cost
  • 7% discount on other purchases



per month

  • 3 wines
  • Offer of shipping costs
  • 7% discount on other purchases

30 points corresponds to 1,00 €

Questions and Answers

How are the wines selected?

The wines are chosen by our experts, according to the chosen subscription plan.

Do I have to make the payment manually every month?

No, payments will be linked to your credit card, and each month, on the day of renewal, your card will be charged directly for the monthly fee.

What are my advantages?

No, your points never expire and even if you no longer have an active subscription with us, the points will remain valid until you spend them.

How can I cancel the subscription?

In your personal area, you can unsubscribe without any problem. We are sure that after trying it out, you will never want to leave our club again.

How can I switch to a different monthly plan?

If you want to go from the Normal to Premium Plan or vice versa, you can send an email to geral@vinhedo.pt or talk to us via chat, and we will take care of the matter.

I've changed my credit card, how can I update it?

You can change your credit card, in your personal area, through the Payment Methods page, remove your expired card and add a new one.

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