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Aliás Red 2019


Aliás Red 2019 was born from the centenary vines of the Baga variety that we find in the old vineyards of Bairrada. It is a limited production of a specific portion of ours in the Cadoiços valley. In this clayey portion, the old vines have an imposing size and the grapes have a unique freshness. This wine was made in this terroir with elegance and freshness in mind.

With an open ruby color, it already indicates that it is an elegant wine. The aroma presents an iodized minerality, as well as cherry notes and a fine vegetable freshness. The palate is fresh, with tannins very present but very soft, fruit, floral and vegetable notes that finish in a long finish.


Starters, fish and white meat




V Puro




12 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

16º - 18º

Store Advices

Beber ou Guardar

Visual Notes



Fermentation in a press, with 10% of stalks and final fermentation in barrels.

Tasting Notes

The palate is fresh, with tannins well present but very soft, notes of fruit, floral and vegetables that ends in a long finish.
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