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Alto do Joa Red 2016


Alto do Joa Red 2016 is an elegant and very unique wine. Flavor that is dry, smooth, fresh and persistent.

Authentic and unique altitude red wine, which respects its Terroir, made fromcentenary free standing vineyards at an altitude of 800 m. About 20 varieties with some white and with fermentation spontaneous with indigenous yeasts.

It pairs well with popular dishes such as “coq au vin” and “lamb chanfana”, as well as fine creations based on game birds (pheasant, quail), suckling pig, hare or rabbit.

Decant preferably 5 minutes before


12.50 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

14º - 16º

Store Advices

Drink or Save

Visual Notes



28 months in French oak barrels

Tasting Notes

Flavor that is dry, smooth, fresh and persistent.
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