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Alto do Joa White 2019


Alto do Joa White 2019 is a 100% tanned “orange wine” wine, complex and with good body and great persistence.

Its versatility allows for a good harmony of fresh and wild mushrooms, as well as succulent dishes (feijoada and cassoulets), cod and game birds. It goes well with vegetarian dishes. Some daring connoisseurs recommend this wine for a peach tart or a Tatin tart.

Low intervention wine without the addition of yeasts, enzymes or other oenological product and even the addition of sulphites is made in the minimum necessary quantities.

An excellent aging wine if you resist the temptation to open it now!

Fresh and wild mushrooms, as well as succulent dishes (beans and cassoulets), codfish and game birds.


13.5 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

7º - 12º

Store Advices

Drink or Save

Visual Notes

Powerful "old gold" color


18 months in French oak barrels

Tasting Notes

The dry fruit notes are impactful, with good body, potent and with good persistence. Dry, balanced acidity. Soft. Good finish, with a powerful aftertaste reminiscent of old white fortified wines and chestnut confitures.
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