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António Madeira Red 2021


António Madeira Red 2021 is a wine that results from a set of several vineyards with dozens of indigenous grape varieties mixed together.

The winemaking philosophy is focused on seeking to express the terroir of Serra da Estrela. As such, no oenological product was used other than very low doses of sulfur dioxide.

Complex nose, aromatic herbs, granite, fresh fruit, floral notes and spices and a tasty and beautiful fresh and granitic finish.

It is a thirsty wine with some depth, which illustrates the philosophy of the house. A salivating wine, to enjoy a few good glasses with friends.

Starters, cheeses and meats





12.5 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

16º - 18º

Store Advices


Visual Notes



After pressing, the wine was transferred to stainless steel vats and used French oak barrels, where it underwent malolactic fermentation until the following spring and aged for 18 months.

Tasting Notes

Thirsty wine, salivating, tasty, with a beautiful fresh and granitic finish.
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