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Dona Berta Vinhas Velhas Reserva White Rabigato 2022


Dona Berta Vinhas Velhas Reserva White Rabigato 2022 is a wine whose basic idea was to let the character of the Rabigato variety be expressed in the best possible way.

The aroma is delicate, with mineral notes that reveal the unmistakable character of the Rabigato variety. In the mouth, it surprises with its remarkable acidity, striking structure, creamy texture and delicate retronasal aroma, which give it a long and attractive finish.

Thanks to the nobility of the Rabigato variety, this wine has the very rare feature of being great for young drinking, due to the delicacy of its aroma, and of being a guard wine, the result of its high acidity and alcohol content. Over time in the bottle, it will gain greater complexity, taking on another dimension.

Accompanies seafood dishes, poultry or cured and seasoned cheeses when aged.







14 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

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Visual Notes

The color is citrine and the appearance is bright.


Tasting Notes

Very fresh with a creamy texture and a delicate retronasal aroma, which gives it a long and attractive finish.
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