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Horácio Simões Tradição Boal White 2021


The wine Horácio Simões Tradição Boal White 2021 is a regional wine from Setúbal made with respect for the terroir, the vineyard and the traditions of generations. Coming from a centenary vineyard, one of the oldest in the region, it was selected from a set of grape varieties that have stood out year after year, giving rise to this elegant and complex wine.

It has an intense, mineral, fruity aroma, an excellent combination of natural aromas characteristic of the variety. Fresh, intense flavor and with great volume in the mouth. Light and fresh aftertaste.

If kept in good condition, it has great possibilities to improve for a few more years.



It goes well with cheeses as well as practically all types of fish and salads.





12.5 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

10º - 12º

Store Advices

Drink or Save

Visual Notes

Greenish yellow.


Stage in used French oak half barrels and later in bottle.

Tasting Notes

Fresh, intense and with great mouth volume
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