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Indício White 2019


Indício White 2019 is the result of the traditional Douro winemaking process for white wines. The grapes are placed in the press with a whole bunch and trodden on foot in order to obtain the desired extraction. Alcoholic fermentation takes place in a press in constant contact with the skins and stalks.

This wine was vinified in a minimalist and natural way, containing only grapes, a minimum of sulphites in order to guarantee the quality and stability of the wine and work. Aiming to provide a wine without filters, a direct connection of the oenophile to the earth.

It is a white wine for tanning, which is why it is a potent wine with tannins, whose high acidity balances it and ensures a great aftertaste.

Starters, fish, white meat and pasta.




11.50 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

10º - 12º

Store Advices

Drink or Save

Visual Notes

Crystalline color and straw


Aging in used French oak barrels for 6 months.

Tasting Notes

It has an acidity present that balances extraction and volume. In the mouth the minerality is evident, as well as green apple and citrus fruit
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