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Opta Rosé 2021


The Opta Rosé 2021 is a wine that has an aroma dominated by red fruits, such as strawberry, raspberry and currant. The mouth is pleasant with a good feeling of freshness in a perfect fit with the fruit found in the aroma. Very pleasant wine to drink with nothing or with light food.

Distinguished by the high patriotic sense of the brand, the name Opta, derived from the word option, appears with the purpose of encouraging the customer to choose what is Portuguese, to choose Portugal.

Accompanies starters, pasta and salads.




13 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

10º - 12º

Store Advices


Visual Notes

Bright pink.


Tasting Notes

The attack on the palate is adorable and impertinent, which leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness balanced by a slight sweetness in a perfect fit with the fruit found in the aroma.
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