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Pegos Claros Primo Red 2016


Pegos Claros Primo Red 2016 is made from 90% Castelão and 10% from Tintinha, in a differentiated and artisanal oenological approach. Fermentation with stems in new 500L french oak barrels, vertical, without lid. After manual pressing, it ages for one year in the same barrels and ages in the cellar in bottle, for a minimum period of two years. Primo for being the first Pegos Claros wine that is not 100% Castelão and, therefore, Primo also for being a close family member of our other wines. Let us be surprised by this rare and exclusive combination.

Red meat, baked cod and cheese

Decant preferably 1 hour before


Castelão, Tintinha



14.33 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

16º - 18º

Store Advices

Preferably store for a few years and then consume.

Visual Notes



12 months in used French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes

Complete tasting with balanced acidity and vibrant tannins. Very long and persistent finish.
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