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Zafirah 2020


Zafirah 2020 is a blended wine where the Alvarelhão variety is queen but well supported by Borraçal, Pedral and a little bit of Vinhão.

Grapes harvested manually in small boxes, with a large selection right in the vineyard, only bunches in perfect ripeness and sanitary conditions are harvested. Unstalk. 48 hours of pre-fermentation maceration followed by direct pressing. No tanning. 6 months internship.

Handcrafted wine throughout its process, without rushing or fuss respecting its own will with minimal oenological interventions, surgical and respecting the character of the wine.

Zafirah 2020 is a very elegant and easy to drink red wine from the Verdes region, far from the rustic profile of most red Vinhos Verdes.


Very versatile due to its strong acidity. It can be accompanied by elegant and smooth foods such as sushi or pasta dishes, as well as more complex and fatter dishes such as oven-roasted lamb or rojões


Vinho Verde


10.5 %

Bottle Size

75 cl

Serve Advices

12º - 14º

Store Advices

Drink or Save

Visual Notes

Cor Rubi Aberta


Fermentation in stainless steel (1/3) and used French oak barrels (2/3). 6 months internship.

Tasting Notes

Boca ampla, profunda, marcada por aromas silvestres / campestres. Longo com acidez vibrante e estrutura decorrente do tempo em barrica
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